Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | January 14, 2011

Cape May Friday: bird of the day- American Woodcock

There is nothing better than taking a four day weekend to get away from reality! I am signed up for the Cape May School of Birding’s “winter specialties” weekend with Mike Crewe as our leader. So I decided to head down a day early and come see what’s doing at the cape.
It just so happens by coincidence that my birding partner, Linda was headed down for other reasons, and so we decided to “case the joint” together.
Tonight was definitely the night of the woodcock. Linda and I counted 11 just in the vicinity of the lighthouse. They truly are curious little birds… Quite odd looking, in fact! I did manage to learn that their former name was “timber doodle,” which seems quite fitting.
We watched as they each did their odd little backwards bob and prodded the earth for earthworms. We were able to get very close to them and managed to “study” them for over an hour. Linda shot over 100 photos but observing their gawky behavior was, by far, quite rewarding in itself.


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