Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | January 15, 2011

CMBO’s winter specialties: day 1

Day 1 alone of this 2 day workshop proved to be well worth the admission. Mike Crewe, our leader is fantastic! New to Cape May, and the U.S. For that matter, the native Brit is enthusiastic, very knowledgable and flexible to the group’s needs and wants. I would highly recommend birders of any skill level take a program with him!
Our day took us to field work all over the Cape May area… Namely: the point, the dunes, Lake Lily, the Beanery, Cape May NWR, cove pool and Jake’s Landing. We did spend some time in classroom work reviewing identifying skills.
The highlights of the day included: Bonaparte gulls, red throated loons, woodcock (of course,) sparrows (white throated, song, fox, savannah, swamp, house, and a highly-stalked “life” grasshopper sparrow.) The evening closed at Jake’s where a bunch of Harrier hawks put on a show of arial acrobatics.
As is any day filled with field-time, a great day for sure!

* a complete trip list will follow the daily entries.


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