Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | January 29, 2011

Gangland wars: Birdfeeder style

In a winter that has brought close to 60 inches total snowfall in Monmouth County to date, as well as downed the 9 foot budelia that housed my suet feeder and birdhouse, the neighborhood birdies are starving for good eats.

Snowfall, yet again!

Early this evening, as yet more snow fell, the usual suspects congregated at the feeder, except I heard a rather different, yet somewhat familiar call. It was, no doubt, one of my Carolina Wrens that visit my feeder but it was quite the alarm call. Constant, harassing, trilling. It was one of two perched (in the downed budelia) Carolina Wren screaming at two perched Tufted Titmice. The titmice didn’t even bat an eyelash, by the way, and the Wren gave up and just visited the feeder, and went about their business.


Wile just a slither of suet remains in the hanging feeder in the downed tree, the two Carolina Wren did something neat. They each perched on either side of the dangling suet feeder, and pushed the slither toward each other. As they did that, two song sparrows ate the fallen crumbs on the ground.

tough-tufted titmouse

snowy song sparrow

carolina wren


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