Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | February 9, 2011

Day 5: You (I) can’t go home again!

I spent my last Gulf Coast day birding Mississippi. I headed over to Sandhill Crane NWR (no sightings but viewed a great documentary at the visitor center.)

Afterwards, I headed to Davis Bayou For some “up close” birding. The drive in brought an amazing look at a brown pelican just standing on the road. He was very tame and let cars stop and people take photos… That was so cool! 8)

Hey Dude!

At at the bayou, red bellied woodpeckers, great egret, a close and somewhat open clapper rail (as far as clapper rails go,) a tricolored heron, a snapping turtle, osprey, red-tailed hawk and Harrier. This is a great, birdy, spot.

Look Closely - Clapper Rail Hiding!

Great Egret through the Bins







Then it was time to head to the airport, returned the car, checked in, and discovered I could get to Atlanta but wasn’t going much further than that (ahead of a winter front and freeze in the southeast, flights from Atlanta to Philly were cancelled.)

So, I thought, I can hang for another day…. Here’s the catch… When I extended my stay, I switched my ticket to Air Tran, which apparently only flies from Gulfport on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Sooooooo…. After a few minutes of thought and a few phone calls, the decision at hand was.. Atlanta for one night or Biloxi for 2..     Biloxi, here I come (again!) 😛


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