Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | February 12, 2011

Jersey Shore welcome home – Harbor Seals at Sandy Hook

Today, I went to see the group of DOZENS of Harbor Seals (I counted at least 40) in the Bay at Sandy Hook. They were adorable, sitting in the sand, basking in the sun, and occasionally, they’d jump in for a quick swim.
Harbor Seals come into New York and New Jersey’s Harbors every year around January, and will stay until the weather starts to warm up. Their population has made a comeback in recent years, and are more commonly seen throughout New York and New Jersey’s waters.

A day at the beach- (L-R Snooky, Joey, Guido, A Situation, S-Woww, Ronney, Hunney...)

To view them at Sandy Hook from a safe distance, park in Parking Lot “C” near the visitor’s center and walk across the street, and down the beach.

Thanks to my friend Mary for inviting me to see them today! What a treat!


Note: If you spot a sick or injured seal, in NJ, contact the Marine Mammal Stranding Center.


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