Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | February 20, 2011

“Scoping” that perfect scope and Short-eared Owls at Forsythe

Today I did it!! I graduated to the next stage.. I bought a scope!

Mike Crewe at CMBO was awesome help!! I highly recommend that anyone looking to buy a scope go “test drive one” down at CMBO, and speak with one of the great people who work there!

I started this process about three months ago, reading things online, but more importantly, speaking with people who share my “style” of birding (beach, all-weather, etc.) In recent days, I have asked Mike lots of questions. That helped me narrow down to my final choices.

It was also important that I buy a scope that would allow me to take photos with my little point and shoot, and a scope that will grow with me, as my skills develop. The scope I decided on is not important, but what is important was the process which brought me to that decision. Recently, based on my research, I devised a budget (end-result: I went $58 over my original budget with body, lens, tripod and head.) The final step was to go and try out my final candidates.

It was a tough choice, but I got it down to 2, and within an hour, I was the proud owner of a new scope! Now to go play!!

My first scope bird while test driving it in the store was a male northern cardinal at the feeder. On the Hawkwatch platform (post-purchase, it was an American Wigeon.)

Next, I went and spent the remaining daylight hours at Forsythe (Brigantine) and enjoyed seeing thousands of Snow Geese (including some banded ones)







Visions of Snow Geese!


Also, no fewer than 5 Short Eared Owls putting on a hunting show throughout the compound.


Beautiful Short Eared Owl

There were also 9 White Tailed Deer just “chilling” in the endangered bird (fenced off) area. The winds were still relatively strong, but the birds were quite active.


As the sun set, a beautiful slight rainbow began to form, and silhouettes swam into a golden paradise. Yet another blessing of a day spent birding!

Sunset over Forsythe


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