Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | May 18, 2011

Image of the Month: King Eider at Sandy Hook

A male King Eider has continued at Sandy Hook for much of the first half of May, providing spoiled life-listers an amazing checkmark for their lists. To put in context how great a spot this bird is IN MAY, the image below sums it up….

Makes you wonder: was the King Eider life-listing?

(l-r) American Oystercatcher, King Eider, Piping Plover (blurry, in foreground)



  1. Imagine that some people actually saw this bird as their lifer! How spoiled can one get?!? : ) Awesome pic btw!

    • Thank you…. Some birders have the bar set pretty high at this point 😉
      Can the next Ivory Gull be far away? 😀 *fingers crossed*

  2. Fantastic picture! Can’t wait to read your posts from the Cape May festival!

    • Thank you DL – Cape May pix to follow soon! Hope you had a great time! I know I did.

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