Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | June 12, 2011

Wood Stork Over Cape May

On Thursday, June 9th, A message came across that would excite many… A Wood Stork was spotted over Cape May by Jim Schlickenrieder!

Frustrated, since these things tend to happen while I am sitting at my desk at work, the sentiment was “dang! guess I’ll never see that bird.”

Buttttttt… not so fast! – After our morning of grassland birding (and a great pancake breakfast at PJ’s in Princeton,) Rob received a call from Jim saying the bird’s been re-spotted! It didn’t take much coercion, and we knew our “nice relaxing afternoon” just turned into a 2 hour drive. 😉

Early, the next morning, after some beach birding from St. Peter’s Jetty, we headed over to Stevens Street and waited for the thermals to kick in… Turkey Vulture, Turkey Vulture, Bald Eagle…. Mississippi Kite… Mississippi Kite…. and then, a “tweet” … WOST over Stevens Street — W T F?!?!?  then the next “tweet”.. It’s Headed toward the Lighthouse… without batting an eyelash, we jumped in the car, and drove . Rob spotted it circling low, just outside of the Meadows, THERE IT WAS! We stood in disbelief, my camera ‘s shutter clicking away… The young bird was right over our heads!












The bird was aged as: “young bird with a clean bill, replacing it’s p9s” by Sam Galick on a posting of my photo.

This record represents the 14th NJ record of Wood Stork. According to Bill Boyle’s Book, The Birds of New Jersey – Status and Distribution, the birds occur “always in summer or fall, and always as juveniles or subadults.”

Jim’s fabulous account can be found on his blog at:

Thank you Jim, for a great find and for sharing!!!

Photos original by LAM



  1. Great post and pics–almost felt like I was there! ; )

    • Thanks Hun.. you are a great “wingman!” We got that bird because of your quick thinking.

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