Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | June 25, 2011

Hooded Crow in Staten Island

This weekend’s chase bought RF and me to a Hooded Crow that has been offering birders great looks at Great Kills Park in Staten Island. Several joggers estimate the bird has been hanging around Crooke’s Point for approximately 2 weeks.

A Eurasian species, this bird’s origins are unknown, and is possible it “stowed away” on a ship, and based on its behavior is thought not to have been kept as a pet. The bird is skittish around people, and is pretty consistently harassed by mockingbirds. One entry on the NY Bird sightings board quotes a park attendant as saying the bird is seen “frequently scavenging dead fish and garbage all along the beach.”

Acceptance of the record is still TBD by the New York Rare Bird Committee.

Flight shots:


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