Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | July 9, 2011

GOTCHA!! Yellow-Crowned Night Heron: Nemesis No More

This morning, I took the Osprey Tidelands Cruise out of Miss Chris Marina in Cape May with Captain Bob who recently posted on my FB that he was seeing YCNH near Wildwood, NJ on about half of the cruises. When I introduced myself this morning as the girl in pursuit of the YCNH, he graciously agreed to try his best to find one, despite the fact the tides were against us. Capt. Bob mentioned that he loves to “try to find things for people,” and succeed he did.

Our first one was a very distant Adult (only recognizable by its “stout” shape.) Next, came a sub adult which was still quite distinguishable by a yellow crown, red eyes and two black lines around the eyes.

As we continued through the Salt Marsh, we were admiring a beautiful Great Egret when Capt. Bob realized there was a GORGEOUS adult YCNH standing still in the mudflats. It flew up to higher ground, giving us even better looks!

What an amazing morning – in addition to these beautiful birds, we saw many an Osprey on Nest with young, Great Egret, Snowy Egret, Laughing Gull with chicks, Common Tern with Chicks, Willet,  Spotted Sandpiper, Oystercatchers, etc. Truly worth the drive down!

I highly recommend the Wetlands Wildlife Safari! Just tell Capt. Bob that Lisa – the “YCNH chick” sent you!  😉

In the meantime, please enjoy these additional highlights from the morning. <>



  1. Congrats to you on this nemesis bird, Lisa, and best of luck with the next couple in your quest!

    : )

    Love the osprey all lined up in the nest, btw!

  2. Thanks @Laura.. 7 more to go for goal by 7/31 *fingers crossed* 🙂 I’m blessed to be surrounded by great birders like you, so that always helps (oh and so does luck)

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