Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | July 22, 2011

Let the countdown begin: #1 of LUCKY 7

To celebrate the dr. telling me I am Lyme and co-infection free (YAY), I decided to take a ride to John J. Heinz NWR in Tinicum, PA (near the airport)… I always pass it when I fly out of Philly, and thought.. that’s a plan… something different, and celebrate with a cheesesteak sandwich at Pat’s or Geno’s. It’s 100+ degrees today, so a little easy shorebirding- Sounds like a plan, right?


The “Tweet” and the call from RF came almost simultaneously! “There’s a White Ibis, Wilson’s Phalarope and American Avocet at Brig.”

Of course there are! RF told me last night to go there, but nooooo, I wanted my Philly fix 🙂

Schlepping my scope, camera, bins, bag full of shorebird field guides, a phone AND a blackberry so work can reach me, I ran to my car!

YES! that says 105 degrees

I made it to Brig (in record time) and quickly passed the loop, stopping whenever an Ibis or shorebird caught my eye… but no luck on the Wilson’s or American Avocet (which is fine, since Delaware is in the very near future.)

Buttttt…… not only did I see the White Ibis (Lifebird #294 and 7 in the countdown on the Lucky 7 list)… there was also a White-faced chilling pretty close, and about a gazillion (give or take) Glossy Ibis… I ACCOMPLISHED THE NJ IBIS SWEEP IN ONE DAY!  WOOT!!!!!

I apologize for the crappy White Ibis photos, and none of White-faced came out at all, but hey, let the countdown begin!

BTW, Heinz was hosting a Heron-fest today (in fact, Here are one of my favorite shots of that visit:)

And I never did get that cheesesteak…… oh well! Sacrifices!


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