Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | August 22, 2011

Brown Booby at Cape May

The Cape May Rarity Show continued this weekend with a very location-loyal Brown Booby perched atop a Channel Marker off Two Mile Landing in Cape May.

 The bird, which has apparently been there for a few days is one of three possible individuals making appearances on the East Coast. The other two birds have been seen in Maine and Massachusetts. The Cape May sighting is only one of  single digits in NJ history.

The bird, who in typical Brown Booby fashion, is very loyal to the same channel markers in the harbor gave great shows. Its typical behavior has been to sit atop the marker, then fly around for a while before returning right back to the same spot.

Somewhat visible from land, (near the parasailing company on Two Mile Beach,) the best views are afforded from the Wetlands Wildlife Safari tour aboard the Osprey. If you will recall, it was Capt. Bob Lubberman who “lifed” me my nemesis Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. Now, his boat is a hot ticket to go visit channel marker 475 for amazing looks at the Brown Booby.

After Rob and I got our “lifer” looks (ABA for Rob, true life for me,) we decided to get the upgrades from the Boat. Special thanks to Capt. Bob for making a special run for us and another birder, especially in light of the pending bad weather. The looks we got from the boat were amazing! And the bird even put on a show for us. When we initially approached, it was not perched in its usual location. As we approached the area, it flew past our bow and landed, as if right on queue. We then spent the next 20 or so minutes enjoying amazing looks at such a different-looking bird.

Here’s hoping this great bird sticks around, so that many of our friends are given the opportunity to see it!



  1. Great shots! When did you see it, on Saturday after the Meadowlands, or

    • Hi DL – we went on Sunday after Brig. As of this morning, it is still there, and visible from land, however, I highly recommend taking the Osprey trip out if you want to see it. The bird is very patient and location-loyal, and you will get amazing looks. If you do take Osprey Tidelands Cruise, ask for Capt. Bob Lubberman and tell him Lisa and Rob sent you.

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