Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | August 26, 2011

What next? Locusts?

Soooo…… anything interesting happen this week on the East Coast?

Tuesday, East Coast residents were jolted when a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, centered in Virginia shook the East Coast and parts of the mid-west. The USGS reports the quake was 3.7 miles deep, and struck at 1:51 PM.

I felt it in Boston at the World Trade Center (which is located on Commonwealth Pier, and dang near woke me from my conference call.) It seemed the building and fixtures would never stop shaking. Eventually, we evacuated, as did workers all up and down the East Coast, including New York City.


Now, a new threat is headed toward the East Coast – Hurricane Irene!

Initially, the thought was.. oh, well this will bring some interesting birds in… but… here’s the catch…

Effective today, Cape May County, The Barrier Islands (e.g. LBI,) and other Shore and Bay Shore points are being ordered evacuated and NWR’s like Brig, Bombay Hook, etc are ordered closed immediately and until further notice. The Hurricane, predicted to make landfall tonight and make its way up the coast is predicted to be a dead-on hit with Cape May. Many of our birding friends are evacuating as we speak, as police and fire departments go door to door for enforcement.

source: NOAA

Interestingly, I had received a Tweet from a fellow birder that stated “This freaks me out. Earthquakes hits the Northeast 9/5/1944. On 9/12/1944 the Great Atlantic Hurricane Hits. NYC had 10 inches of rain.” What that proves? Not sure, but good bar trivia, no doubt.

Stay tuned to find out if Celery Farm gets its first record of Atlantic Puffin đŸ™‚

On a serious note:

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected directly at this time, and we pray for a change in course hopefully sparing a beautiful region.


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