Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | September 10, 2011

Meadowlands Festival of Birding highlights

This weekend was the 8th annual Meadowlands Festival of Birding held at DeKorte and points close for Sunday’s field trip day.

What a great way to catch up with birding friends, old and new. It was especially great to see DL and play catch-up. The event included field trips, workshops, an awesome, humor-filled, though technically-challenged presentation by fabulous Keynote speaker, Sandy Komito of “Big Year” fame, and for me, the highlight of the event, a bird-banding demonstration.

At Harrier Meadow, the Avocet was still present among the usual host of shorebirds and egrets. (pictured below, right)

By far, the highlight of the event was the bird-banding event, which highlighted the great work done by bander, Mike Newhouse’s team. Observers could get up-close and personal (and even release) banded birds “caught” fresh minutes before.

I hope you enjoy these photos:

American Redstart:

Immature American Goldfinch:

Northern Waterthrush (which I got to release 2 of):

Prairie Warbler:

Trail’s Flycatcher:

Northern Mockingbird:

Common Yellowthroat:

Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher:

Black-and-White Warbler:

Common Yellowthroat:

Empid Flycatcher:


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