Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | September 29, 2011

Chimney Swift Spectacle

Last night, Rob took me up to the George Washington Middle School in Ridgewood, NJ to see quite a sight – over a thousand Chimney Swifts coming home to roost– right in the school’s chimney.

Shortly before dusk, clouds of Chimney Swifts can be seen buzzing in the sky above the school, then they begin to funnel in – almost as if they are being sucked in by a vacuum. And then, just when you think they are all in, another group comes flying home.

This phenomenon lasts from August through early-Oct, as the Swifts stage for migration – I highly recommend making the trip.

The counts vary every night, one night this weekend, volumes were estimated at around 2,400.  Monday night, the swifts were estimated to enter at a rate of 500 per minute!!! Last year, on October 2, 2010, the peak number of Swifts occurred on October 2, estimated at 3,000!

For those of you who can not make the journey to Bergen County, <click on this link> to enjoy a video which is just a sample of what you would see.


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