Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | November 6, 2011

Lifer! Lifer! Lifer!

Some weekends sure make up for others! This weekend was one of those. 🙂

While the winds were not perfect for migration, some good birdies sure showed up to the game!

A Harris’s Sparrow (lifer #313) continued at Sandy Hook. It was seen earlier in the week, and the chasers made their way. Unfortunately, I was away on business, and made my way to the Hook on Friday morning  to successfully find the bird fattening up on seed at the “Concrete Circle.” An early evening trip with RF and ES would turn out to be some of the last looks of the bird, as it was not seen beyond Friday night.

Cape May is always the way to go in fall! An early morning visit to the hawkwatch provided a show by way of a Cooper’s Hawk drowning a Coot for breakfast. (Nature at work.)

Travels around the Cape’s usual birding hotspots provided 62 species, including a continuing brilliantly colored Western Kingbird. (lifer #314)

A trip to Avalon Seawatch brought seemingly streaming flocks of Scoter (Black, Surf and White-Winged.)

Brig finally held its own. (for a change) While it is always birdy, Brig and I just don’t seem to get along when it comes to finding rarities. RF and I were going to hit Absecon Inlet on the way home from the Cape, but instead changed course when we heard reports of up to 5 Hudsonian Godwits (“Hudwits”.) After much determination, and a journey to the last leg, we successfully located one (and that’s all it takes to count lifer #315.) 😉


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