Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | November 20, 2011

Milestone weekend – 300 NJ Lifers and a Late Record

How does one reach the milestone of 300 NJ Lifers? Cape May 4 weekends in a row sure helps!!! Many thanks to RF for sacrificing your Saturdays to help me get there!

#300 arrived, flying over Lighthouse Pond – the much anticipated CAVE SWALLOW. The KeeKeeKerr came in and we were off and running.  JS and BE were already on the scene, a few patient moments later, three beauties were flying around the pond!

As far as that “other” targeted bird – confirmed yet again as nemesis – Ash-Throated Flycatcher….I have nada to say on the topic!!! (one was reported along the RR tracks just the day before, and was not relocated.)

Visits to Wilson St, Hawkwatch, Villas and Avalon Seawatch made for a great day of birding.

Photo highlights include imm. Red-Tailed Hawk and a Grasshopper Sparrow both along the Railroad Tracks at Wilson St.

Sunday brought a more relaxed pace – with a beautiful 65 degree November-day walk around Celery Farm – including one very incredible surprise – a possible NJ late record Yellow Warbler first spotted by RF and me.

The ducks are coming out in full force, the Cedar Waxwings are feasting on berries, a small flock of Bluebirds playfully flew from tree to tree, winter wrens chattered away and a male buck grazed as we walked the trail.


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