Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | May 23, 2012

BIG WEEK for the history books

As one of my readers pointed out recently, it has been a while since I’ve updated the blog. Basically…. MAY-gration happens, and us “hard-cores” take to the field – which doesn’t allow time for much administrative chores.

Highlights from the week+ (May 11- May 20th)  include a World Series of Birding effort that yielded 155 species with team Those efforts also began with a LIFE BIRD! (VIRGINIA RAILS calling at Turkey Point, Cumberland Cty, NJ.) Of course, we were treated to many other beautiful birdies including calling PROTHONOTARY & HOODED Warblers, CHUCKS, WHIPS, YB CUCKOO, ACADIAN FLYCATCHER, PEWEE, YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT, and the Tern show highlights included a roosting GULL-BILLED TERN and surprise BLACK TERN.

As the week progressed, we continued our mission for year birds in the usual migratory hot spots.

  • On Monday, May 14  we made one of several yearly pilgrimages to Garret Mountain for warblers and passerines. This trip yielded YELLOW-THROATED VIREO & BAY BREASTED WARBLER.
  • The weather kept us at bay on Tuesday, with some local Monmouth County birding.
  • Wednesday brought the likes of a PRETTY BIG BERGEN DAY – as part of THE CHICKADEE BOWL (battle of the Black-Capped vs. Carolina)… In Bergen it was a Century Run, indeed, yielding an impressive 100 species. From ROBIN to RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD. Other highlights included 2 BLACK-BILLED CUCKOOS,  YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT HERON, a newly fledged RED-SHOULDERED HAWK, and incredible ground looks at a PILEATED WOODPECKER.  Monmouth County’s turn is next… stay tuned for those results.
  • Thursday through Sunday, we were fortunate to be asked to participate in this year’s Cape May-gration festival as co-leaders. Our trips brought great looks at CASPIAN TERN, WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPERS, my life NJ BLACK-NECKED STILT, MISSISSIPPI KITE, 2 early and beautifully plumaged ROYAL TERNS (found by RF aboard the Osprey,) my favorites CATTLE EGRET, one of several recent CURLEW SANDPIPERS at Heislerville, and the icing on the cake, a wayward SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCER in Somerset Cty made for a quick detour on the way home.

A complete tally & list of the species will follow shortly! (please check back)

What an AMAZING week+! I am grateful for the opportunities we were given, the incredible adventures had with RF, and indebted to those who contributed in our fund-raising efforts for WSB. This was one BIG week. In so many ways!!!


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