Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | July 3, 2012

July Full Moon

Being on hiatus, gearing up for Fall migration makes it a lot easier to enjoy the simple things… like July’s full moon.
This photo was taken through my scope with a point and shoot camera on July 3 from Gettysburg, PA.



  1. Lisa,
    Awesome photo!!! How did you take this? What’s a scope (although I’m thinking telescope) How did you get the scope on the camera?

    Again very nice : )

  2. Thanks Nareen! A “scope” (short for spotting scope) is like a telescope, but much closer range – its used by birders or hunters to bring birds and animals into closer focus or to see details! While there are so many different “adaptors” you can buy to put a camera on a scope (it is recommended to do this with one with a High-Def lens,) I simply place my $100 (bought at CVS) Kodak point and shoot directly over the lens, angle it to reduce glare, and shoot without a flash. Some come out better than others 🙂
    This whole process is called “digi-scoping” believe it or not!
    And while I did make the investment in the fancy adaptors for my expensive camera – I love the process I described above much more! Something to be said for simple!

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