Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | July 15, 2012

Sandwich Tern and more at South Amboy

NJ Birder and WINGS tour leader, Rick Wright recently found a Sandwich Tern and other goodies (including a Roseate Tern) at South Amboy’s Morgan Mudflats.   The spot is traditionally birded as a winter gull spot, but has proven to be fruitful as a summer Tern spot too!

Last week, it is reported that 9 of the 10 NJ regular Tern species were seen at the Mudflats! A Sandwich Tern continued for much of the week!    Definitely a place worth putting on the rotation!

An American Avocet was also a one day wonder! But could not be relocated.

Birding the “wrong” side of the tracks – to get to the Mudflats, you must cross NJ Transit tracks and take the path down to the beach – creepy at first, but worth it!

A nice mixture of beach and frags – great habitat for Marsh Wrens, Seaside and Saltmarsh Sparrows!

The “local celebrity” – a Sandwich Tern continued for much of the week (along with the Common Terns, and other goodies.)

Recently, NJ eBird did a great article on how to bird the Morgan Mudflats… (click the link below to read:)


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