Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | August 8, 2012

Images of California Condor

Apparently, California Condors are like love… stop looking, and you find it!

We spent the good part of a whole day going down Highway 1 in California’s Big Sur coast down to San Luis Obispo, painstakingly checking every Turkey Vulture in hopes of finding a California Condor…. NO LUCK

We were ready to set aside another full day in hopes of setting our sights on one the 200 left in the world…. but then, WE REALLY LUCKED OUT….  While driving along route 25 in Monterey County to Pinnacles for some evening birding, there was just something DIFFERENT about THIS Turkey Vulture… the massive wingspan, the white markings…. IT WAS A CONDOR!

We pulled the car over and watched it soar and glide…. what a sight!!!

Later in our trip, we learned that a dead whale had washed ashore somewhere down Big Sur, and the Condors were all out there feeding, and hence a lack of sightings for the week!

I am so grateful for this one encounter…. and the lack of sightings really makes you appreciate just how fragile this bird is!

For more info about California Condors, visit:



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