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I would like to go on the record of stating that I am a highly technical, formal, type “A,” “check-the-box” type of person. I am also quite emotional, and because of that, I find it difficult to put judgement on someone else’s words. So I tend to avoid writing reviews or critiques of “personal” works penned. I find it easier to write about field guides or “technical” manuals.

Every so often, I feel that I owe it to someone who fills the world with goodness to “pay it forward” to them.

And that is why it is with great privilege that I would like to write this eBOOK RECOMMENDATION for “BIRDING AT 75MPH: A STORY OF MID-LIFE MIGRATION” by South Jersey birder, Steve Glynn. 

I won’t sit here and try to do justice to capture essence of the words that came from Glynn’s heart. Given the fact that we all read stories and are influenced by our own perspectives and experiences, we all walk away with something different, and for me to interpret would be a disservice.

I will tell you that I HIGHLY recommend this eBook for many reasons:

  • To learn about someone very knowledgable and generous in sharing knowledge in our own New Jersey birding community
  • To get a loose idea of itinerary planning for great birding trips.
  • Glynn’s mellifluous writings capture he heart and soul of what motivates many of us, not only in birding, but in life.
  • It is so refreshing to read a story of someone who clearly understands his priorities and seems to have it in balance
  • Glynn’s writing clearly demonstrates the heart and soul and passion that many birders share, regardless of their motivation. His thoughts are profound, his realizations, quite familiar, as I find myself arriving at the same realizations he eloquently states.

Steve, Rob and I met one cold, rainy, raw winter evening while searching Jake’s Landing in Cape May for Short-Eared Owls. Mr. Glynn, a salesman who frequently travels for work and I connected in the conversation because he had recently sighted a Tufted Duck which I had my eyes set on in Massachusetts, where I frequently travel for business. We never saw the owls that night, but a new friendship developed between us all.

The concept of birding bringing people into one’s life is quite familiar to Glynn, who so eloquently penned:

“..always go into any new birding trip with an open mind towards who I might meet up with, who I might be able to share my experience with and with the belief that only through shared experience are the most educational birding adventures enjoyed.”

There a consistent theme of serendipity with people and birding in his life. And this would not end after his book was published…..

RF and I were approached by our World Series of Birding team captain, Nick Kontinicolas under the happenstance that many of his team members were unable to join him for the 2012 event. As this was a very last minute request, RF and I expressed gratitude, and interest, however could not commit the time to scouting in South Jersey. Nick was fine with that, and mentioned that he would be open to accepting a fourth member of the team if we knew anyone. For some reason, Steve remained in my mind, despite the fact that I barely knew him, and had never birded with him. simultaneous  to me emailing Steve to ask if he would be remotely interested, Nick reached out to the good folks at Cape May Bird Observatory to ask if THEY knew of anyone. Nick then emailed the person asking if they would be interested. Steve responded back to Nick that another birding friend had already reached out to him…. long story short… it was Steve we were all excited to bird with!

Glynn’s narrative beautifully describes his appreciation for all the great benefits of birding. He also intertwines his birding stories with his own personal story, and shows how birding has influenced his personal relationships in a positive way.

I really enjoyed reading this eBook because it put my feelings about birding, and my birding “relationships” into perspective for me.

As Glynn says –

“.. we don’t often know the moments that will affect us on a deeper level. This realization keeps returning to me, as the years go by.”

I completely agree! Who knew a search Short Eared Owls would yield a new friendship?


Steve Glynn will be presenting his story “BIRDING AT 75MPH: A STORY OF MID-LIFE MIGRATION” at the Cape May Fall Festival on Friday, October 26, 2012. For more information, please visit:



  1. Lisa…Your comments are so kind. I cannot express the gratitude I have for your kindness to do such a heartfelt note on my book. Thank you very much.

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