Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | September 24, 2012

It Takes a Village… (To find a Connecticut Warbler)

When I sit and think of all the hours I spent (with various folks) trying to find a Connecticut Warbler to life it drives me batty.

All the “there was one here a minute ago…”   and “As soon as you left….”  UGH!

Friday night, I was thwarted by North Jersey traffic and could not get to one at Garrett Mountain (despite being in hose and heels.)

Sunday morning, Tommy Boyle yelled “Connecticut!…” “Just Flew….” (as we approached.)

Monday, it was on like Donkey Kong… On my day off, I met Steve G. at Higbees who helped put 2 1/2 hours in with me…. and it was more of the usual.. “you just missed one…” and “as soon as you walked away…”

It was time to call in the Big Guns… Harvey T, Connecticut whisperer… within minutes of walking into the magic spot, the bird did EXACTLY as he told me to anticipate…. it will fly across the path, and perch in that tree… Sure ’nuff!

I am grateful to all the wonderful birders who helped me try to find this “holy grail” of birds – now it’s my turn… my next mission is to help find my own!


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