Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | December 4, 2012

Field Notes 12-4-12

  • In transit during my business trip to MA, NH and RI last week, I made a detour to Bridgewater, MA where a NORTHERN LAPWING has been putting on a show every day for a month or so… With only one very early morning hour to spend searching for the bird, apparently I am the only birder to dip on it!!!


  • Proud to call him friend, Steve Glynn hit the road running in TX, NM, AZ & CA in pursuit of 600 ABA (year) and 500 digiscoped (year). 400 East of the Mississippi & 300 NJ is already locked! Let’s all keep the good mojo flowing for him!   GO STEVE GO!    and remember to read his eBook – Birding at 75mph: A story of my mid-life migration


  • A new feeder bird has kept me company all day today as I try and survive an all-day conference call – Red-Breasted Nuthatch







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