Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | January 21, 2013

A Colorful Weekend

A sunny, mild weekend presented a great opportunity to “catch up” with some rare birds – both the avian kind, and the friend kind  🙂

This weekend kicked off  with a re-visit to the Northern Lapwings in New Egypt, NJ, where we were finally able to see the green sheen of the backs of these beauties glistening in the sunlight. (no photos due to distant views)

On Sunday, some errands brought us to Cape May, NJ (as if we needed an excuse.)

With a major cold front pushing through this week, RF and I decided it would be nice to see the beautiful male Western Tanager that’s been hanging around Dias Creek Road and Hand Ave in Cape May Court House. The bird put on a show for all who looked on!


In that same spot, Eastern Bluebirds perched close-by, as if to say, don’t forget us.

Eastern Bluebird

Some days, colors just seem more vibrant -this was one of those weekends!!

Good Birding.

Get out and enjoy nature!


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