Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | January 27, 2013

Rough-Legged Hawk: Yet Another Visitor from the North

New Jersey has been graced with YET another visitor from the Tundra, the Rough-Legged Hawk. Multiple reports all throughout the state and we were fortunate enough to see the individual pictured at the Great Swamp on Sunday. As many as three individuals (two light morph, one dark morph) have been reported at the Swamp in recent days.

Rough Wingged 1

While Rough-Legged Hawks do appear annually, there has been an influx, and they were right at home with last week’s single digit temperatures!

The “light morph” individual pictured has to be the most photographed bird in New Jersey.  Professional photographers lined Pleasant Plains Road at the Great Swamp to watch the show put on by this individual. It perched in a snaggy tree, and then flew directly over our heads, circling and hovering (and doing that dangly feet thing.)

roughwingged feet

roughwingged feet2

So far, 2013 has put New Jersey back on the map for great bird sightings! Cheers to the next 11 months!

roughwingged 2



  1. Great Shots, and nice boid.

  2. That is, INDEED, a nice boid! 🙂

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