Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | February 11, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful…




I admit, I’ve been accused of not being able to sit still or stay in for too long, and luckily, RF is the same way (which is what makes us work).. so when snow was predicted for the weekend, we wondered what we were going to do? Would “cabin fever” turn into bird flu? Would we have avian withdrawal?



The weekend snow storm (dubbed “Nemo”) dumped about a half-foot of snow in Central NJ, and boy, the birds sure welcomed the feast. Thanks to a modest feeder set up, we survived! (hahaha)


Red-Breasted Nuthatch enjoys a snowy snack

It was fun to play games like:

  • “how many species can we get?” – 17 total for the weekend ( a new record of 16 in one day)
  • “Any new yard birds” – Yes, A pair of continuing White-throated sparrows

note: Birders are NEVER home to really know what comes to their feeders 🙂

White-Throated Sparrow: A New Yard Bird

  • “Increase the Junco Flock” –    The flock currently nears 40 (from a modest 10 pre-storm)

Yes, we got off easy (especially since Northern NJ accumulated over a foot, and up to 30″ in New England.)

But it was still fun to be snowed in (especially with the one you love and some feathered friends!)

A soggy Blue Jay enjoys a meal

A soggy Blue Jay enjoys a meal



  1. I was glued to my window yesterday after I saw the oriole, which I’ve yet to see again. My yard is (has been) abuzz with juncos and white-throats, along with many house finch (which have been around for some time). A host of the usual suspects (cardinals, chickadees, titmice and bluejays), as well as the ever energetic red-breasted nuthatches (2 of ’em). I toss peanuts on the roof of my florida room and just sit at the dining room window to watch them from land 3 feet away from me, occasionally a red-bellied woodpecker shows up, and cardinals and titmice will take the peanuts as well (yes titmice can manage a whole peanut, but pecking a hole in them and flying away with the peanut kabob). All of the fruit I put out to attract the oriole has been decimated by a flock of starlings, which I rarely get, and my yard had 50+ robins whereever the snow had melted away, but they quickly left when one of the resident coops came in for a visit.

  2. Love the report, Tom! WTSP is a new one for me! (or at least that I have seen.)… still have my RB Nuts (2) and am hoping for Fox Sparrow as a new Yard Bird! 🙂
    Good Feeder Birding!

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