Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | October 9, 2013

The Raptor Trust NEEDS our help

The Raptor Trust, which has done incredible work for years rehabbing all birds NEEDS OUR HELP now!

Monday’s storm in New Jersey created a reported Tornado and microbursts in North Jersey. Unfortunately, The Raptor Trust, which is located near the Great Swamp suffered tremendous damage when downed trees smashed into cages.   Luckily, no humans or birds were injured.

They posted the following update online:


Yesterday’s tornado ripped through the Raptor Trust rehabilitation facility. Thankfully, our infirmary and medical facility did not suffer significant damage. Our birds and staff are all okay. Our admitting office and hospital remain open, so if you find an injured bird please bring it to us. However, the remainder of the facility is closed to the public until further notice while repairs are completed. 

Several of our rehabilitation chambers were destroyed and several others damaged. We have not even had a chance to fully assess the extent of the damage, but we are confident in saying that the damage to the facility is worse then last year’s Hurricane Sandy damage. With that knowledge, we ask for your help. Right now, monetary donations will be the most helpful as we will need supplies of various kinds, and in many quantities. 

You can donate here:

You may also choose items from our Amazon Wish List if you’d like to purchase a physical item and have it shipped directly to us.


See below for a photo from their Facebook page and more can be viewed at:

Damaged enclosure: Photo source: The Raptor Trust Facebook Page

Damaged enclosure: Photo source: The Raptor Trust Facebook Page

For more info about The Raptor Trust, and their great work, please visit:

or their Facebook page at


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