Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | November 1, 2013

The October report

This report can also be filed as “three weekends in paradise.”

Another October has come and gone highlighted by three weekends birding in Cape May.

For us, highlights were seeing two of the three Swainson’s hawks hanging around the county, a beautiful Golden Eagle over the Beanery and an assortment of sparrows (including Vesper, Lincoln’s, Clay Colored, White-crowned, returning White-throated, etc.) Hawks are migrating en masse and so are the people.



It is always wonderful to see our birder friends at Cape May, whether at Michael O’Brien’s sparrow class or at the Cape May Fall festival.

While my day job limits me from birding the way I would love to, I still managed a decent 125 species for the month.

Besides, it also afforded me the opportunity to spend three weekends in paradise!




  1. It was wonderful catching up with you and RF. Thanks for absconding Paul and me to the Beanery to see the Golden Eagle and amazing kettle of TVs.
    Good birding!

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