Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | November 27, 2013

All About the Turkey


Almost everyone knows that Ben Franklin wanted the Wild Turkey to be the national bird of the U.S., but did you know these facts?

• Turkey fossils have been dated at 5 million years old.

• When settlers arrived, they learned the Turkey was a favored food of the natives.

• The Turkey and Muscovy are the only two domesticated birds that are native to the new world.

• This omnivorous bird feeds on nuts, seeds, fruits, insects, and salamanders.

• Females lay 4 to 17 eggs and will feed chicks for just a few days after they hatch.

• Males play no role in rearing young.

• Wild vs Domestic – domestic turkeys have white tail tips and Wild Turkeys have chestnut-brown tips.

• Populations severely declined in the early 20th century due to hunting and decrease of habitat.

• In the 1940s, birds were reintroduced into areas where populations were wiped out.

• Turkeys can swim if they need to.

• Today, Turkeys are found in 49 states (not Alaska) and southern Canada.

• Turkeys sleep in flocks in trees to avoid predators.

• Only the male “gobbles.” Females click and chirp.

• To attract Turkeys to your yard, sprinkle dried corn on your lawn.

• Turkey was most likely NOT on the menu at the first thanksgiving. (It was probably duck or goose, possibly lobster and other seafood.)

Whether or not you will enjoy this game bird on the dinner table, Rob and I would like to wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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