Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | December 31, 2013

2013 Birding By the Numbers

There are still a few hours left in 2013, and you never know what may show up at the feeders, but here’s a look at 2013’s Birding by the Numbers. By prior years’ standards, it was a modest year, but with good reason 🙂

332 ABA Birds (308 in the lower 48, the remainder in Alaska)
273 Birds seen in NJ
4 Counties >100
216 Birds seen in Cape May County (NJ)
187 Birds seen in Monmouth County (NJ)
130 Birds seen in Atlantic County (NJ)
106 Birds seen in Bergen County (NJ)
129 Birds seen in Alabama (the only other triple digit state)
113 Birds seen in Mobile County (AL)
30 Lifebirds
17 States Birded
11 State (New NJ) Birds
6 Species of Owl (And I missed the “easier” ones (Screech, Short-eared, Barn))

Red Tail on goose sign


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