Posted by: DarkEyedJunc0 | March 23, 2014

Rob finds a needle in a haystack: Eurasian Tree Sparrow in Cape May

Okay, I am just A LITTLE proud OKAY A LOT PROUD!

This morning, we only had a little while to bird Cape May, and it was one of those days where I could not get out of bed, but Cape May was a callin’ and we only had a few hours to “play.”

After we dipped on Black-Headed Gull, we decided to hit the State Park for some year birds.

Just as we were going to turn into the State Park, I said “make a quick right, and see if we can find the EUDO (Eurasian Collared Dove – of which only one remains.)”

So we did our usual route – making the right onto Harvard Ave, stopping at the feeder at 113 Harvard!  House Sparrows, a Song Sparrow, Cardinal, Mourning Dove, …… “That’s a freakin’ Eurasian Tree Sparrow!!!” I heard excitedly from the driver side!

My three and a half year birding repertoire quickly kicked into gear…. Eurasian=Europe and Asia… oh and isn’t that the thing people go to St. Louis for?   I could not believe what I saw before my eyes!


I LOVE sparrows, and grew up appreciating the House Sparrows that nested in the narrow space between my fourth floor apartment and the building next door and under mom and dad’s air conditioner.

I am sooooo proud of Rob’s patience and abilities to pick out this beauty.  Within minutes of one phone call, the masses had arrived from all over Cape May.


The quote of the day comes from one Cape May regular who said they were finishing breakfast at Bella Vida (our favorite eatery) and “threw the money down on the table and left.”  🙂

Rob has been graciously telling people I get the assist for finding the bird, but it was all him 🙂

Of course, the record is subject to review by the Rare Bird Committee, but for now, we are enjoying finding this needle in the haystack!




You may also be interested in this great article on CMBO’s blog:



  1. […] to the report of a Eurasian Tree Sparrow in Cape May, New Jersey, today. The bird was discovered by Ron and Lisa Ann Fanning. If accepted, this is the first state record for New Jersey and the first record for the east […]

  2. Fantastic! Go Lisa!!!!!

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